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Friday 7 March 2014

Sticks and Stones

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Take a Gander at this":

I hope that Evelyn publishes this.

Christopher Watts is a commentator. He does not always present a balanced vision of the reality. He tends to colour his comments on the "humourous" side for effect. Before anyone begins to consider that he is some sort of saviour for Aurora, just remember that you cannot beleive everything that you read on the internet, especially from self-appointed commentators.

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 7 March 2014 08:34


I publish  the  above because it's  a  fresh pattern. and  I want to talk about it. 

I think the Mayor's campaign  organisation has already held a strategy meeting. They've determined critical blogs  are a potential hindrance to re-election . They  must be dealt with and  the best way is to discredit them. 

That's where  thinking stopped  and  all they've come up with so far is to throw rocks.

Christopher Watts  is a rare bird. He is a keen observer, a satyrist  and  he  is  passionate..

The only qualification  needed to comment on town affairs is  his address.

He is not subject to an  anonymous arbiter of "balance "

He's not trying to make people laugh.

He's trying to stir in them the same anger he feels.

He is fastidious about supporting his arguments with scholarly references . He supplies the source for the quotes  he attributes.

There's no light touch in his work . It zings and sizzles.

There's nothing gentle in his style. He is ferocious. Last time I looked , I spied no law against
righteous rage.

If his total lack of tolerance for  stupidity  in places of power  is difficult  to handle , don't  try.

Others will  make up their own minds about whether they will or they won't.

Advice is redundant.

Warning readers not to believe what they read on the internet while offering  fatuous , spurious mis-statements on the internet , is hardly conducive to establishing credibility.

Since the same  arguments  have recently been made against my own blog I am not sympathetic.


Anonymous said...

Every crack at Mr Watts shows insecurities on the part of those writing it. Judging from the in-coming flak, there seem to be quite a few feeling insecure right now.

Anonymous said...

I would dearly love to know who is on that campaign organization and how they plan to circumvent the very blogs used by Himself in order to get elected the first time.

Anonymous said...

I am curious who is on the mayor's campaign organization. Doubtless fewer than were on his virgin campaign, which by the way would have been much easier to fight as the then incumbent was twisted and warped.

So far as strategy is concerned, I don't know if the mayor and his team would recognize a strategy if it swooped down and smacked them in the face.

Anything critical should be an obvious hindrance to re-election. And there is much about the mayor that is critical.

There are also good aspects to him and his term in office. But the good aspects involved spending far fewer taxpayer dollars, while those that he can be justly criticized for saw the sky as the limit.

It will be interesting to see how he ends up coming across, critical blogs or not.

As for Christopher Watts he has more grey matter kicking around inside his head than the majority of Council combined.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that this was posted by someone from Dawe's team?

Khristopher Wattz said...

I am Christopher Watts and I endorse this ad to drive more traffic to my site.

Tim the Enchanter said...

Strange how we are cautioned to not believe everything we read on Chris Watts' blog yet no mention is made of exactly what he has said that is based on false, mis-leading or factually incorrect information.
Go ahead and challenge his facts - if you can - and demand a retraction or an apology.
Meanwhile, he gathers information and expresses an opinion based on that information - just like we all do.

Anonymous said...

I would be carefeul about insinuations ..... they can lead to law suits!

Anonymous said...

I hope the Mayor's organization tries to throw some wrenches into these blogs. They will, at some point, realize how badly they miscalculated should they persist. Buck and Watts will play with them for a bit and then use them like a dirty rag to mop the floor.

I will be glad to offer any help I can, but realize it will be miniscule in relation to what could be coming if the Mayor's team tries to muzzle (or try any dirty tricks) these two bloggers.

Remember, those that play with fire often get burned.

Anonymous said...

An anorak with an agenda.

Anonymous said...

“He does not always present a balanced vision of the reality?” Really?...Who’s reality is he/she talking about? I may not share the same views as Mr. Watts…but I do like and respect his perspectives on his blog. In fact he has managed to actually have me rethink some of my views on certain town issues. (Not many…but some). The Era Banner is supposedly a “balanced reality” media outlet. I've learned the hard way that it’s not…The complete opposite. Evelyn….I like this “rare bird” too.

Anonymous said...

I think we help most by just doing exactly what we have been doing for years now. E could always use any bit of loose change you might have but otherwise we're likely good to go.

Anonymous said...

I think we are in danger of being diverted off course. There may be others planning to run who are interested in the Blogs. The Mayor will not likely do anything overt - others perhaps.

Anonymous said...

So far Mayor Dawe doesn't have to do any campaigning. No one else is running.

Anonymous said...


If you are attempting to make a definitive statement you need far more practice. The famed Greek orator Demosthenes overcame a speech impediment by talking while he had some stones in his mouth.

Possibly you should try this.

Anonymous said...

That's Ok - Councillor Gallo will just wait until someone is elected and then phone and ask that they step aside for him.

Sticks and Stones said...

13:49 I wasn't "trying" anything - I think I was pretty clear, and obviously once again has touched a nerve .... funny how that happens whenever I post .....

Christopher Watts said...

@ 16:27

Your comment just made my weekend.

As for Mayor Dawe's re-election strategy I think it is obvious, just show up and say words like "growth" "accountability" and "fiscally responsible" with enough conviction and then dodge questions as to how they apply to the past 4 years.

Where I found Mayor Dawe initially receptive to engaging with blogs and social media that evaporated somewhere in year 2 of his term to be replaced with the "I don't read blogs", which is more than evident when one reads his own.

One one hand he touts increasing public engagement, on the other he has no idea what to do with it when it is right in-front of him.

Cllr Buck Is Braver said...

You could tout "increasing public engagement" on your blog, "Christopher," if you weren't afraid of non-logged-in comments.

Anonymous said...

He is but one crank and one vote.