"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Sunday 9 March 2014

We Need To Talk Again

The  Liberal Riding Nomination is  the business of the Liberal Riding.

I  have had a Liberal membership. I have had a Conservative membership. I have had a New Democratic membership.

I do not have any membership at the moment.

I have taken memberships in  the various parties in order to vote in a Riding nomination for a candidate that I thought would best represent the needs of the riding. Always someone with a background in municipal business and  a proven commitment .

 I know  nothing of the candidates for nomination with the exception of Councillor Ballard.

The same goes  for the Conservative .NDP and Green nominations.

Councillor Ballard has put his name forward for the nomination. I believe he is a Liberal in good standing.  It is the business  of the Riding Association to choose a candidate .

I am not inclined to participate.

Sometimes I  find myself on the same side of a vote with Councillor Ballard and sometimes I don't.

There's always another issue ahead to be  argued and another vote to be cast.

A Councillor who aligns with a group, ties his own hands. is beholden  and  loses

It may be safe but it's not wise.

Group think is  never healthy .

My  first  responsibility is to town  affairs.

If Councillor Ballard  doesn't win the nomination, he continues as a Councillor.

If he does win. he may still continue as a Councillor until an election is called.

The blog  can't be used to fight the Liberal nomination battle.

Or either of the other three.


Anonymous said...

I agree although he is an amusing target. I believe he said he would " step aside " if an election were called. All I would request if that we not appoint the runner-up from the last election to replace him for whatever time remains.

Anonymous said...

It's a lose lose situation for residents in this Town

Anonymous said...

Apropos of Christopher Watts' latest harangue, possibly the Executive Management Team would consider buying a copy of 'Websites for Dummies' for all the members of the Communications Department as well as for all members of Council.

The CAO might also consider preparing a brief report explaining why after the expenditure of probably close to $2 million during this term on communications, we still have none.

This report should be posted to the town's website, if anyone in Communications is capable of doing that.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see Frank Klees put his name in for Mayor. He might also shape-up a few things at the region. Klees treats people with respects and gets things done.

Our Mayor's legacy is higher taxes and fees.(ie. water and sewer). As far as I can see, he is a good yes-man at the region.

Anonymous said...

I was pretty excited when one of the first things this term of council did was to shut down anymore funding to Morris’s disgraceful law-suit. I still remember how Ballard,Gallo and Gaertner voted. I was left shaking my head at these 3 votes. I brushed it off and thought now this is going to be a council that’s in business for change! Sadly…I've continued shaking my head. That one proud and exciting moment at the beginning of the term was the one and only moment. I've been watching council, general committee meetings and reading the Auroran every week for the last 3 ½ yrs, including some of the interviews of some members of council (Vote 2014). I noticed that everything that they were proud of or thought was important for the town and its future left me to the conclusion that although everyone might have great intentions …they are not the people who I want representing me. Everyone except for you Evelyn. I’m sure you must hear it all the time…but you’ll just have to hear it again!....Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked Hillary for leaks ? We have a 'sun'
room like a sieve.

Anonymous said...

OMG...you are joking about Klees right.

Anonymous said...

Color me Dumb, 13:54. I never thought of that. Is it possible ?

Anonymous said...

A Morning not-funny chuckle
CBC News
Winnipeg man living ' nightmare ' as 8 mature trees [ [ owned by the city ] damage house
This could be the Aurora of the future.

Anonymous said...

People forget too soon about the three stooges and their alignment with Morris and what she did to 3 innocent families ...... the Town needs to be reminded closer to election time - and I am pretty sure they will be!

Anonymous said...


What did Larry, Curly and Moe do to 3 innicent families?

But seriously, they were so innocent that the same blog that was the issue has not posted a single thing in a year. Seems to me that the method used did what was intended.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if E will print this as it is sort of legal stuff but the individuals involved with that lawsuit had their lives to put back together including financial affairs. They have done so. That Blog can be jump-started whenever the moderator sees fit.

Anonymous said...


That moderator is busy preparing his candidate for re-election.