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Saturday 15 March 2014

No Irish Need Apply

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Please. what do you now about this " European Club " meeting at the town hall called by a woman running for Council ? does she have to pay for the use of the facilities & what might a ' European club ' be since we have solid european roots & have never heard of it

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 15 March 2014 08:58


I haven't heard about the European Club.

Any one can use the Council Chamber .There's a User Fee.

I  know of one woman candidate .  Svetlana suggests Russian but that  could cover  a number of new/old  Baltic States.

The candidate  has been making her presence felt for some time.

A corner of Bayview and St.John's Sideroad  has a designation for commercial development.

There was a  delegation to demand trees not be removed. The town was being denuded .

Next  request was for the Town to buy the land and turn it into a  park much-needed in the new neighborhood.

After that, a delegation of support for the tree bylaw.

 Also support for acquisition of the six acre school site no longer required by the separate school board for a much-needed park.

Then registration as a Candidate.

Then husband recruited and selected for Board of Historical Society under leadership f John McIntyre and William Albino.

And now formation of a European Club.

It's been a while but I don't think citizens of the  tight little Island known as the United Kingdom
generally speaking identify themselves as anything but English, Norther Irish ,Scottish  and Welsh .
 Well, the English also self- identify as Brits. It's a peculiar affectation they have.

Some Canadians identify them as  " Bloody  Limeys"  But the English are sublime in the certainty of superiority.

I'm not sure  any citizens of  Europe  self-identify  as Europeans

Certainly Asian people would not .

So I  think, by a process of elimination, one  must assume a meeting of a European Club in the Town Hall would have no political  reference in the Town of Aurora.

It must be social.

If there is an invitation ,it must be  seen to be exclusive.


Anonymous said...

I doubt if they are meeting to solve the Ukrainian problems but it could be a fund-raiser....

Anonymous said...

Or Hungarians, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I believe she is Bulgarian.

Anonymous said...

Scots are British.

Anonymous said...

Not including this family with Germanic roots

Anonymous said...

Christopher comments on Aurora's latest award and press release

Anonymous said...

OK / I have done a bit of work on this gal. All I can find is a looong list of what she wans from Aurora and what Aurora residents should do for her. What I cannot find is anything that she has done/is doing/ or is prepared to do for Aurora.
She worked for a bank.
Really ?