"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Saturday 1 March 2014

Try...Try...and Try again

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Keep 'Em Guessing":

Blogs tend to provide the public with the opportunity to sound off about something they do not like. The tone becomes negative.

Sure, there are some positive comments but I would bet that the negative ones far outnumber the others.

What if we were to recognize members of the town's staff on the blog, someone who has gone out of their way to be helpful, who has taken a complaint and set about solving the problem, someone who smiles when talking to you.

We could even have an Employee of the Month, all done on this blog.

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 28 February 2014 21:41


A thoughtful comment.  Correct up to a point.

A forum to express  one's  views is never negative.  If  opinions expressed are  mostly negative that indicates dis-satisfaction with decisions being made.

Is that the fault of the Blogger, the Commenter or the  Councillors making decisions.

The latter is the obvious choice

When I receive a call for assistance from a resident and pass the information along to  the right person, the problem receives prompt attention. often resolved before the day is out.

The Blog relates to Council  responsibilities.

I am not in the business of brickbats and bouquets

I am in the business of providing information . We are  now informed  information.

I start the thread  from a position of first-hand knowledge. .Commenters  pick up and put meat on the bones.

Elected representatives can run but they can no longer hide. can run but they can no longer hide.

We have television and u-tube streaming ,however imperfect , to support my observations

Ka-non's comments about the culture centre  are to  my point.

His  position  on the  culture program offered at Church Street school is articulated precisely, respectfully and eminently sensibly.

He is the stuff of  an excellent candidate.

Other contributions  followed in a similar vein.

Points made in support of the program came up short.

It is  a fact that going on at the centre , wasn't going on in various venues in the Town before
the building was pirated out from under the Historical Society.

The building is entirely inadequate for  performing  events.

Concerts   by world renowned artists  are performed to ridiculously small audiences  which could never contribute to self-sufficiency.

The ever=changing nature of the board means the concept of self-sufficiency has been lost along the way . The town has clearly not chosen to remind the board.

No doubt in my mind ,the community  has been betrayed and by none other than the people we elected.

On Tuesday , a Winter Blues group used  a  business meeting of Council ,to promote an upcoming event.

I  used the opportunity to draw attention to  excellent acoustics  in the Council Chamber.

I noted  the design of the chamber.  It is round. Doors fold back to  double the space .

The building is lighted, heated ,has a substantial parking lot.

The  New Town Hall  was intended to double as a  concert centre.

It has the Skylight Aer Gallery.

Meeting rooms used by various arts groups.

A  well-attended jazz concert was held on a Sunday afternoon soon after opening. I was there.

The facility accommodates  audiences with amenities Church Street School can never provide.

Resources were expended to provide  for  whatever the community required.

It was intended to be used as  the name implies; A Town Hall.

The town had a full-fledged ,efficient  and self-sufficient Leisure Services Department .

The department was strategically gutted  in time for the culture lobby to complete their evil plan to
take possession of a building renovated at a cost of millions for an entirely different purpose.

It wasn't done without the authority of the  last elected body.

The building and half a million dollars  from  tax resources  continues to be commandeered by authority of the current Council.

No.... the  bird has not flown.

It will be  time  soon for the community to speak.

They tried  to correct things before .

And thought they got it right.

Now it's time to try again.

As he waited in  the cave and watched  a spider spinning her web , Robert The Bruce learned the lesson to just keep at it until it is done.

It  was a Scottish history text for Grade 3 in a  parish school.

About the time my biases were being formed.

What do you want from me!!!1


Anonymous said...

I would add in there that having meetings & gatherings at the Centre reduces the # which could be held at Hillary. so the proponents of both cut off one source of funds from the other. There is too much over-lapping of programming IMO

Anonymous said...

This is a blog of information and comments of different perspectives. Maybe the town should have one of its own? But then again communication is not one of strong attributes. I was at the Aurora Community Centre today waiting in line to buy a coffee where right above me was one of those TV’s screens. They had some advertisements on one side of the screen, a news station top and center and a calendar of events with the towns logo at the bottom. All the events showing on this calendar was for January!!

Anonymous said...

They will always be the Cuckoo in Aurora. Residents have seen no evidence of any desire to reduce the amount of funding they receive even though it could have begun with a ' token ' amount.