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Sunday 22 June 2014

All Good Stuff

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I recently heard the word "tourism" in connection with Aurora at a council meeting, I believe.

Can you list half a dozen sites that would appeal to tourists, that would draw them to our town?

Or is this something that will require a consultant and

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In May Council   received   by e-mail  a copy of an invitation  from the Program Manager BES  MCIP RPP. of Specail Program. Town of Aurora.

We were informed of an invitation from an organisation  with a title that connected Counties with
Sports and Tourism..There was a meeting in the training room at Regional headquarters.

The only thing I 'm certain of  it's costing us money.

Sometimes it seems there are more meetings and yammering  going on than anything else.

We also received a  notice from Sport Aurora, you know the organisation with an address at the town Hall so that it can be successful in obtaining grants so that the Sports Hall of Fame can  be managed by a manager.

The Sports Hall of Fame  is a space on a wall  of the Skylight Gallery at the Town Hall.

The  Sport Aurora notice displayed advertising from National Sport, Aurora Chamber of Commerce,and Baldwin's Restaurant. 

The one before had  a number of different sponsors including McMaster University.

Council were informed of a meeting with all the Presidents of Sports  Organisations who are members of  Sport  Aurora  and Mayor Geoff  Dawe so that they can talk about the condition of Sports in Aurora.

Sort of like having an audience with the power to make a difference.

It happened  in the Holland Room.

Kind of convenient that in an election year.

All of Council was invited.

The Town received a grant of $20000 last week. Ro pay for two top bands at Rib Fest.

It means people can have a  week-end festival of eating ribs,  a  beer garden, concerts in the park
and it will only cost taxpayers $12,000.

I think that might be about attracting tourism as well.


Anonymous said...

It certainly would be nice to see a grant come into the town that had not already been ear-marked for some project. I see money going out at a good clip while in-coming resources shrink.

Anonymous said...

In-coming resources shrink? There was an increase in our taxes this year...can't wait to see the increase next year. The Town has increased their "resources" every year.The only thing that's shrinking is our wallets.

Anonymous said...

I think the point might have been that we are looking at debt-financing & mega-projects instead of reducing taxes & tending to business ?

Anonymous said...

I think the point is, What exactly is the business they are tending?