"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Sunday 8 June 2014


My grandson's wedding was at an Ottawa Hotel.  The wedding party  stayed the night before

The ladies took advantage of the spa and haad hait and make-up done on the spot.

The wedding was outdoors in a gazebo set up for the purpose. The wedding procession was
on an aisle between two banks of seating. The  landscaped space was huge .

Not a single Johnny-on-the-spot to be seen.

The reception was held in a huge canvas  shelter open completely on one side. It was a  warm summer eve.

It's where Adam amazed everyone with his fantastic display of hip-hop. Younger  cousins  soon joined him. Uncles got on their feet ti trip the light fantastic.

Aunt Theresa  said to  nephew Mark;  "I didn't know you could dance like that Mark"

He answered "I didn't know either Aunt Theresa. "

A little later Aunt Theresa won the competition for  removing  her without disturbing another item of clothing.

When she thrust it at  a neice to collect the prize, sixteen year old excessively modest Robyn blushed to the roots of her  dark auburn curls turned  away and said ' Get that away from me"

Family gatherings are always  merry affairs but weddings are special.

Not least pleasure is the opportunity for artistic and creative flair..

The little Petch  House,  hundreds of years old, steeped in  a family's history , much like everyone else's  and community heritage , as it is,  in the ravine on Lambert Wilson's farm, is perfect for a wedding with all its hopes  and dreams  for the future.

It's real not fabricated.  A symbol of permanence. We have artifacts to bring the past to life.  There could be Spring, Summer,  Autumn and Christmas weddings.

A surrey with a fringe on top....  Bells jingling on a horse drawing a cutter in the snow.

There's nothing, no  good reason whatsoever, why  romance should  not come alive. We can make it happen.

If it doesn't I will look for reasons other than practicality.

Ontario television  presented a program on Shakespeare last night. He wrote thirty seven plays and died when he was forty three. Words  from his plays are quoted still in countries around  the globe.   He wrote on every facet of human  comedy . Love and jealousy being cited  first on the list.

We have the Petch House. Replacement floor boards await installation.  Electrical outlets need to be located and wiring  installed to accommodate them before floor boards are replaced.

The building is insulated  in the best way. Heating can easily be installed and inexpensively maintained. Prefabricated toilets could be provided but they're not needed.

We could sign a lease tomorrow.

If it doesn't happen, the question will not be why did we restore the building when there was  obviously no use for it?

The question will be, why and who  is it who wants it  to sit unused and forlorn, as it was for ten years in its ruined state at the side of  Leslie Street ?

Whose nose is out of joint because the project happened?

What perverted corrupted process is at play?

Whose Town is this anyway?


Anonymous said...

We will have to wait until Tuesday to find out. Maybe even as early as Monday if your motions get past the censors.
I will be so pleased when this provincial election is over. Too many topics are in a no-go area.

Anonymous said...

We know the original group who will object as usual. What is tougher to accept is any of the new ones, with one notable exception, who might object to completing the job and moving on.

Anonymous said...

The motion will get past. Unless like a commenter mentioned earlier
It's been already been promised to someone else.

Anonymous said...

Watching the taped Rogers debates in small doses - like taking medicine. So far I have only tackled the section in the studio with Mr Hogg. I want to vote for him, please.

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of sites where newly married couples & high school grads go to get photos taken in Barrie. Nice water background. Like Edwards Gdns in TO. Wash room facilities are not available Right There. But they are accessible nearby.

Anonymous said...

Rogers has Vaughan on now. We pay about $700 a year for council meetings & this nonsense. They give us nothing but have a monopoly. I do not care about Vaughan.

Anonymous said...

And Vaughn does not care about Aurora. You need to learn to play in the sandbox.