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Monday 23 June 2014

Not The Way It Was

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Mountain Came To Mohammed":

And to think that the Town cut the former off of funds right at the start of the term.

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Well No they did not.

They did terminate the law suit .

$45,000. legal costs had been incurred.

Council retained a  solicitor ($8.500) to examine the circumstances and tell them what to do.

The lawyer advised they should pay.

Council did.

I disagreed and argued it was not in the  town's interest.

The town is currently engaged in litigation  to defend against a claim for damages and costs ordered against the former Mayor  in the previous action.

The decision found it was a S.L.A.P.P . It's an acronym to describe legal action  initiated for the purpose of silencing critics.

The  file is registered  in Waterloo.

Costs continue


Anonymous said...

Talking about costs, here's an extract from today's Toronto Star:

"Canada's air force has been hiring foreign pilots to fly its front-line transport aircraft, maritime patrol planes and fighter jets, citing its inability to recruit Canadians to fill seats in military cockpits.

As debate rages about temporary foreign workers allowed into Canada to fill jobs in sectors like the service industry, it tuns out that the Canadian Armed Forces has also gone abroad to fill its own labour needs.

The air force says it takes seven years - and $2.6 million - to train a pilot to fly the CF-18 fighter jet."

The mercenaries are generally British or French.

What troubles me is that the CF-18 has been in service for decades and the multi-billion dollar replacement F-35 won't be here for a while and no doubt is far more sophisticated. What will it cost to train pilots to fly those, both in terms of time and money?

Anonymous said...

It is strange to hear Cllr wendy object to releasing all those figures because of the so-called timing. I always figured that any decision made around 1 in the morning was going to bite me sooner or later. Their decision to sue residents of Aurora with town funds was never timely.