"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Saturday 21 June 2014

There are Lesson to be Learned

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Someone from Scotland against curling?! Whatever next? Ban golf?

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 21 June 2014 11:02


I learned to play golf on a municipal course. No club membership. 

The course was on a moor.  It was spooky 

As the afternoon wore on ,a mist  slowlly rose out f the ground.

First we looked around  and  saw golfers with no feet. As the mist rose golfers moved around on a white surface with no legs from the knees down. The mist stopped rising when it was waist high. 

Everybody kept playing. 

A road ran through the middle of the courseNo mist rose on the road or drifted across it. 

That golf course has been covered with houses at least fifty years

The drumlins  on the moor, when I was really small ,our father toiok us on Easter Sunday to roll our Easter eggs down the slopes We didn't know then they were drumlins left over from the ice age. 

The  sand dunes on the shore have vanished. Miles and miles of them covered with  long blades of 
grass  that would cut like a knife. They have all been trucked away  no doubt for construction. Certainly not for winter road maintenance. 

On a beautifil August day, I walked along the  shore with the sun sparkling off the rippling waves of the tide coming in. A soft breeze blowing in my hair, just the way I remembered it.

I sat down on a  turned -on -its -end wood fish box to read the Glasgow Herald. I brought with me.
I might have had a letter in to the editor.

A girl rode by on a horse. A couple came down with a dog.

Millions of pounds had been spent taking up the rail siding and removing the wharf   to change ithe harbour into a pleasure boat  marina.

 The first leisure cenre anywhere was constructed a few years before, The object  of  the multi-million investement being to torn Irvine a destination of choice for tourism.

It was a  pleasant  short walk down from the station.

The Tourists never came.

On the other hand, airports were packed with vaationers heading for Corfu and Spain and Portugal and the Greek Islands and  even Florida in the summer,  a whole host of places more fun  in the sun andheat to be and  with better food

The  Low Countries were a day trip on a bus.  Parking lots everywhere on Edinburgh had  lots of buses from Scandinavian countries. People  out for the day

What were  you  talking about.... a ban on golf .... no.no...a ban on curling.

Not likely. As long as people can afford to own and operate a curling club facility, I don't see that happening. Being a private facility they probably even pay  taxes

.The Newmarket club might even have been able to buy the drill hall for a dollar. That would be in the days when senior governments recognised  we  all serve the same community and the municipal ity's only has one source of  revenue is a tax  on people's homes.

Don't  get me started


Anonymous said...

If they are serious about buying the drill shed - & why it is not gifted to the town for a token $, I do not understand - I hope they had an engineer look at the place. This Council is not noted for its real estate expertise.
Enjoy this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Is golf considered a game or a sport?

Apparently it will make its debut at the 2016 Olympics, back to Brazil the world will go.

Hope they have things ready.

Anonymous said...

12:52-I don't want it. It's going to cost me money.

Anonymous said...

Pretty well everything Council does costs you $. There are a few exceptions. I think the gospel in the park is the idea of a resident - not originating from staff or council.

Anonymous said...

I think that we need more of those exceptions. Especially when it comes to acquiring additional assets.

Anonymous said...

Good morning.As a regular patron of the farmers market I had to speak up.Your bringing attention to flaws in the by-laws and farmers market executive was wise.There is a new target at the market.A farmer who has been there from day one is now being bullied about location.Why is the Chair allowed to act this way.The town needs to step in.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pulling that pet burial ground free from the underbrush was an excellent idea at the beginning of this term. I believe Cllr Abel announced he would deal with that. Still waiting..........

Anonymous said...


If it was up to me I would throw out the entire Board of the Farmers' Market and have the legitimate farmers/artisans select from among themselves a cross-section representational group of people who want to work in the best interests of those who are selling and those who are buying.

Simple, n'est pas?

Anonymous said...

T0 12:26
I am sorry to hear that but not too surprised. Evelyn is only a single councillor. Please send an e-mail to The Mayor and Cllrs Thompson and Abel about your concerns. If nothing else the response should he interesting. They seem to like to negotiate. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

17:33-I agree that it was an excellent idea. I’m still waiting on that one as well. Communication is not exactly this Town’s strength. We've only waited 4yrs for a website, at this rate hopefully we’ll hear something in the next decade based on its priority. That being said I do agree with 11:13, especially in regards to these “heritage” and “culture” projects that keep cropping up.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow night Council plans to ok $30,000 for a residents' survey. Like, stick the thing in with my water bill.