"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Thursday 5 June 2014

I didn't exactly plan it

I  created confusion about the unveiling of the sign for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee  Park.

I wasn't paying close attention and the arrangement  was  slightly convoluted.

First was the luncheon .Tickets were $150.00. It was a Queen's York Rangers event and the price was a tad high for my purse.

it seemed something  with the sign was happening in the Skylight gallery at the town  hall. No price tag attached. It was a bit odd to be renaming a park in the town hall but like I said, I wan't paying
close attention.

I was asked to provide information for security purposes for the luncheo if  I was attending....which i wasn't .....so I didn't.

Yesterday  I heard the sign was all ready for the  event to-day.

This morning it occurred I had received no instructions about protocol and  realised something was amiss.

So I called.

The luncheon is in Richmond hill somewhere. The  Park sign  unveiling by His Royal Highness is also in Richmond Hill.  Information  for security purposes was needed weeks ago.

Nothing is happening  in Aurora. . Everything is  going on in Richmond  Hill.Obviously I  was not
planning to go to Richmond Hill. I need to do my own security checks.

But that's alright.

The Mayor and all other members of Council, including Councillor Ballard, are present and Chief Administrative Officer  and Director  of Parks and Recreation are there also The Town of Aurora is well represented in the Town of Richmond Hill..

I don't know if they're there for the luncheon. Ticket  purchase was not handled through the Mayor's office.

If they were at the luncheon ,I don't know if the Town paid  $1500 dollars for them to eat lunch in the presence of the Duke of York and apparently the Duchess.

I would think Richmond Hill Councillors might also  be present for the event in their town. Maybe even Region of York  officials are  there too.

Security checks  were being done by  R.C.M.P. I imagine they provide  security.

Who would pay for it? I don't know. The Regional Police were probably involved and  that would costs thousands  likely  tens .

I'm not sure we'll  ever see a  price tag .

But we all know who's paying,don't we.

I  want it to be known I wasn't  boycotting the event. I  have nothing against the Royals.

I met the Duke's father at a dressage equestrian event in King when I was Mayor.

Champagne and caviar were served.

Murray Koffler was host.

I had actually imbibed a few before realizing the pink fizzy staff was champagne. The extravagance of it all was entirely lost on my  plebeian consciousness.

I'm  just not  inclined to pay $150. for lunch.

I'm not that hungry. I wouldn't  have paid it for champagne and caviar either.

The  unveiling ceremony  will at Queen's Jubilee  park on June 17th.

I will be there  to celebrate.  Maybe there will be cake. I like cake.


Anonymous said...

I know the Duke of York is now a businessman & no longer in the Services but I do feel sorry for him. Landing here is the middle of a couple of elections is going to mean double, maybe triple, the # of glad-handers demanding photos. I hope he remembers his Mom's admonition to always use a toilet facility whenever it is available.

Anonymous said...

It has always been policy that the Monarch would not travel to a place during an election.

I assume the plans for Prince Andrew were made before the writ was dropped.

Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Champagne give me the hiccups.

Anonymous said...

What was for lunch?

And for toasting?

Surely that is public information.

Anonymous said...

Our Aurora Park sign will be unveiled in RH ???
OK, I guess maybe that makes a difference to the sign ? But why ? Does it have to do with the mere Presence of a Royal ?
And I don't mind the royal family one bit. This seems like local stupidity.

Anonymous said...

They are not supposed to accept town money for alcohol since Cllr Ballard had that righteous fit. How do they figure out the ticket prices that include a beverage?

Anonymous said...

The righteous Ballard…and now running for an MPP seat as a Liberal! Hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

The Error asked this question to the candidates: "Does OMB need to be revamped?"
Chris Ballard, Liberals

OMB needs to be revamped. Developers use the Ontario Municipal Board, SLAPP suits and back-room exemptions to overturn local decisions and legislative protections.

Anonymous said...

I checked the Aurora Error today to see what coverage they had of the defeat of the two expensive grab-bag attempts in Aurora. There was absolutely none. What I got under " News " was a fluff piece about that condo development just north of Wellington.
They seem to have a real problem with distinguishing news from advertising.

Anonymous said...

19:00 I noticed the same thing. And they wonder why they lost the contract with the town. Ballard was pissed off over that one too.

Anonymous said...

Traditionally the toast to the Queen is with water.

Anonymous said...

@ 18:36

Those comments re:OMB were from the Green Party candidate not Ballard.