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Friday 6 June 2014

Thanks Again

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Thank you for publishing my note. I will remain anonymous for personal reasons.

As further information.

The Aurora squadron of the QYRang are but one part of the Regiment. The other part is HQ'd in Toronto in Fort York (including the HQ group). As the HQ of the Regiment is at Fort York, the Guidon ceremonies were held there - not Richmond Hill.

I do not know what the Richmond Hill event was, but it had nothing to do with QYRang.

I do not fault the QYRang for the nameing of their new home. Again, if you look into the history, the first Commanding Officer of the QYRang was Lt Gov John Graves Simcoe. This is simply a recognition of their history.

I never voted for the councillor mentioned nor will I be voting for him next week, however based on my experiences in how the DND functions, I feel that you are giving him way too much credit for what has happened. His influence is not in that strata.

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Thank you again.

The  history of the Aurora Armouries is  the town's history.

I am aware of the  connection to Lt Gov John Garves Simcoe and  consistent effort over the years to obtain recognition for  Queen's York Rangers first commanding officer.  His  contribution to Ontario history went far beyond the regiment's  history in battle.

Re-naming the Armouries as a tribute may have served that purpose to an extent. It did not justify removing the Town's  name  from the Armouries  immediately upon receiving a town building which I understand saved the regiment  itself from being archived.

To say the least the Rangers ,in our Hydro building, did not show proper respect.

It was unworthy of them.

Now you have presented a new conundrum.

If the  official ceremony of presenting a new battle honor took place in Fort York Armouries, what was the  ticket selling luncheon about in a banquet faciilityin Richmond Hill?

Who were the hosts?

Rangers or the Ranger's Auxiliary?

And why were we buying tickets to attend?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could explain what you think the event in Richmond Hill was.

I did a search on HRH's web site and this is what I found...

"The Duke of York this morning visited Bayview School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His Royal Highness, Colonel-in-Chief, this afternoon attended a Reception for The Queen's York Rangers (1st American Regiment) at Oakview Terrace, Aurora, Toronto. The Duke of York, Colonel-in-Chief, The Queen's York Rangers (1st American Regiment), later attended a Reception for and the Trooping of the new Guidon at Blue Barracks, Old Fort York, Toronto. His Royal Highness, Colonel-in-Chief, this evening attended a Reception for The Queen's York Rangers (1st American Regiment) at the National Club, Toronto."

If you are referring to Oakview Terrace then perhaps the rigid borders of Richmond Hill and Aurora are the issue. Oakview Terrace is about 1 km south of the border. Perhaps they could not find an adequate location within the confines of Aurora for such an event.

I guess it's like council going to a "retreat" in King City.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Aurora Armories still called the Aurora Armories?

It's the hydro building that was named for Simcoe.

Where is the disrespect?

Anonymous said...

Ah, not in Aurora at all. Of course not. Like where could they stay to freshen their noses ? No hotel.

Anonymous said...

Bang on, 15:09.

(armoury - bang - see what I did there?)

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