"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Thursday 5 June 2014

Idle Meanderings

I'm just sitting.  TV sound is turned off . My thoughts are wandering. They go where they will.

Beauty of Blog is  you can come too.

A question  is asked. What's for lunch? What about toasts?  At The Queen's York Rangers  lunch with the Duke and Duchess of York?

I've  no idea of the menu. Staff can claim alchol expense. It's called "networking".The  place is a banquet facility.

I wonder who would  be  the network?

Why are  the Rangers fund-raising?   They never did that before.

Are they now  a not-for -profit organisation. That would be odd.

Like the Farmers Market.

Do they give tax receipts for a portion of the ticket price like Community Living.

Who would be their target market?  It would have to be substantial to fill a banquet facility?

I think.........

the obvious target  are public officials. Elected and appointed.

In a sense...it makes sense .     They are easiest to identify. There are  lists.

They have allowances to buy tickets.

By somewhat twisted  logic , they  may claim to represent the public. No, I don;t know how that would apply.

It's better if  the public don't know much about it. And they  don't.

Food banks.

On Tuesday ,when the Culture Master Plan was discussed I spoke about  reasons governments world over are in such financial trouble.

Cronyism and entitlements.

Yep... I think that's about right.

When I made the motion  for the little park on John West Way to be named  Queen's Diamond Jubilee Park in trinute to a lifetime of public service.  I didn't intend  a financial extravaganza.

It's highly visible. A rose garden would be  widely enjoyed . The Aurora Horticultural Society might be interested  in creating  and maintaining it.

It was a small thing to be sure.  But well intended. Except for Councillor Gallo, it was well received.

Never thought it would lead to this.


Anonymous said...

Cllr Gallo seemed to take offence to that park that was right across the street from him being refurbished. As a parent with little kids I find that inexplicable . WTF not fix it for those in the neighbourhood even if you do not want it. We are not talking about a derelict property here where druggies will hang out.
The weird thing is that he wants a brand new park where one is not even considered in the Master Plan because some residents feel entitled.
For Clarification: I live in the southwest of Aurora & none of these are going to benefit my family.

Anonymous said...

The Duke of York attended Lakefield. He ate residence food. He is not going to care about the menu.

Anonymous said...

I can see how a mayor would need to be at a function like this. He represents our town. Why we need to spring for a entourage to go with him? Isn't there a study they have to prepare or a consultant the need to speak to? Maybe a website that needs reviewing?

Anonymous said...

The Queen's York Rangers are not fundraising. The Queen's York Rangers Regimental Association is fundraising. I really hope Evelyn that you take this post and read it to make sure that you and your followers understand.

I will state out front, I am not a member of this group nor do I have any lineage to the QYRang or the Association. As a former member of another Canadian reserve unit, I understand what they are trying to do. Unfortunitly, a public member of the association (who is also a council member and provincial candidate) attracts negative comments from those on this group.

This is the mandate of the association (from their web site).

"The Association is raising funds to support initiatives that will support morale and ensure the continuation of The Queen’s York Rangers’ strong legacy well into the future.

Your donation will ensure that the Regiment’s soldiers receive important items such as care packages while overseas. Assistance is available to past and present members in financial hardship. Funds also provide for initiatives such as the outfitting of members with the traditional Blues uniform, participation at Family Day, Band events and re-enactments.

In addition, your support will help us to memorialize the traditions of The Queen’s York Rangers through the preservation of historical archives, artifacts, and the continuation of our customs.
Thank you for your thoughtful consideration towards supporting the men and women who are part of The Queen’s York Rangers Association and the Regimental family."

HRH is here to, among other things, present the QYRang with battle honours for the Guidon. The Guidon is the regimental flag and very important icon in a regiment. Battle Honours are presented to regiments to recognize contributions to various battles. One of the significant battle honours presented this time around is for Afghanistan. Battle Honours are not presented lightly. In years past, the regimental Guidon was "deposited" in a sacred place before the regiment was deployed.

I would equate the efforts of the QYRang Association along the same lines as other volunteer groups in WW1 and WW2 where they gathered things for packages to the troops. Government funding goes so far and the "treats" from home were and are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Is there a policy about lowering the Flag in Aurora ? A week or so, I had a moment of panic seeing it was down. After some scrambling around, I found it was for a councillor in Newmarket. The last time was for Mr Flaherty, I think.
The reason for my question is that I read that a # of significant sites lowered their flags during the Moncton shootings. Did we do that too ? How is it determined ? Is there a committee?