"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Sunday 1 June 2014

All Sorted...Nothing there

 Report on the Hillary-McIntyre proposal is 8 pages long

I've read it twice, searching for a  modicum of sense .

The thing  about a written report ? fakery cannot be hidden. Unless the reader is complicit. 

The recommendation supports the initial  Council decision made early in 2013.

William Albino now Vice-chair of the Historical Society , came to Council with an $11 million 
scheme for a theme park involving town purchase of two properties. 

Signatures of support had been collected .The Mayor's  signature was first on the list.Names had been carefully chosen for maximum influence or pressure depending on how one sees it. 

Kathy Van Nostrand, a Chartered Accountant called and asked for twenty minutes of my time so that 
I too could  be persuaded to bite the apple. 

Mr.Albino was advised to come back with a business plan. 

After a decision, Procedure does not permit  the  question to be raised  again for six months.

The rule can be waived but requires two-thirds majority .It would have been blatant and very transparent.

Just the same, April 23rd Council approved a different decision to the same question.

"Whereas the Heritage  Advisory Committee has supported the overall  Park  concept in principle
and preparation of a feasibility study as a key element in the decision making process."

"Now therefore be it hereby resolved that staff be directed to provide a report  summarizing  the key elements of a feasibility study and budget and timing for such a study for Council's consideration"

So much for adherence to Procedure.

The  "Group", never identified,  had been told to prove the plan was feasible.

Now the town was doing it instead. 

William Albino  had sneaked through the side door to the Heritage Advisory Committee,no doubt by invitation,for that committee to make a recommendation to change refusal to approval.

Councillors Abel and Humfryes  are members of the committee. John McIntyre .owner of a property is also committee member.

William Albino and John McIntyre are currently Chair and vice Chair of the Historical Society. The group gets twenty members out to an annual meeting. 

The committee's machinations  succeeded. 

On June 25th Council authorized retaining  "the required consultant"  with a budget of "not less
than $25,000"

Councillor Abel's original idea was at "no cost"  Director of Parks and Rec should do it in his spare time. 

Two consultants were retained. Carl Bray and Associates was one. He was the consultant for the S.E. District Heritage Designation. It's eventual cost  was $34,000.  With nothing accomplished.

Now  we have eight pages of verbiage prepared by special projects manager in the CAO's office and signed by the CAO.

Many, many hours of  expensive manpower have been expended. No indication of input from consultants.

At the end of it all,  sum and substance of  the effort is a big fat zero. 

Four development companies  were chosen to explore possibilities .None had  anything positive to say about the scheme and  must assuredly,no interest . 

From  the beginning, we the people, have called this scheme for what it was; a real estate scam.

I have been told  ,semi-confidentially by a supporter,  my manner was crass, rude, shameful and embarrassing. 

I would describe it as  blunt, frank ,to the point,emphatic, to be clear and not at all encouraging.

Blog readers were of the same mind. And I believe, others must have been telling the Mayor and Councillors the same thing. 

Because , I'm telling you my friends. if we had not pushed back, the town would undoubtedly already
be up to our necks, swimming in hydro funds released  to finance  this massive boondoggle. 

There we were, all set to go, complete with Mayoralty Imprimatur  and Cardinal elements all signed up.

With nothing engaged but vested interest of a few and the foolish aspirations of green-horn politicians who believe being a municipal Councillor means something it does not.


Anonymous said...

"Blog readers were of the same mind."

Ahem, not all blog readers...

Anonymous said...

There is no need for any additional parks of any kind according to the Grail of The Master Plan. Yet we have one pod of neighbours convinced that they deserve one of their own & this lot who had nothing but a " Vision ".
That group who asked Council to OK a bubble of tennis at no cost to the town did more work. And Council is its wisdom refused. Cllr Gallo did not like the " look " of the bubble !!!!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, I do hope that Mr Stronach's Park is moving along smoothly without a bunch of artificial speed-bumps in the path. The very first time that idea came to Council, there were those who began the hectoring about possible light or noise pollution. It was still just a concept .That likely indicated he should just go around them.

Anonymous said...

I do not play tennis but thought the winterized bubble was a decent feasible idea. It was strange that Cllr Gallo was so upset with it - someone said he played the game and there was no cost incurred by the town. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I am struggling to come up with one good idea that emerged from the Heritage Advisory Committee. Didn't the 3-tree mess originate there too ?

Anonymous said...

Zippo, Nadda, Nil! Everything they've ever advised just costs us or some poor resident a pile of money.

Anonymous said...

So, 19:38, when Cllr Humfryes makes her usual apology to residents " on behalf of Council ", the original errors might have been dragged to Council from her committee. ?? ??
In that case, the apology should be personal ? No ?

Anonymous said...

8:28- The question was…Is there “one good idea that emerged from the Heritage Advisory Committee.” And I answered NO. There are 2 councillors on that committee. Abel is chair, Humfryes is vice chair. There’s also David Heard, John McIntyre, ex-councillor McRoberts and 2 more who I've never heard of. I can’t wait for this committee to be dismantled in the next term. If there is one committee that needs change…it’s this one. An apology does not get my money back.