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Saturday 7 June 2014

Not so ....Not so

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Any building catering to the public requires washrooms

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 7 June 2014 11:15

That is not exactly so ......Photographs take  longer

At a council meeting , Chief Building Official explained  use of a facility determines requirements.  Length of time in use determines need for washrooms. 

We are not talking public use at the moment. We are talking lease  to private enterprise.  For the building to be used as a wedding chapel. 

A Wedding ceremony  can be as short as fifteen minutes. Photographs take longer, Imagine how spectacular they could be, Pure magic.

Think about it. The  booking  could be for a combination of wedding and reception. 

The bride  arrives at the  entrance to the Seniors Building. It has a covered pathway frpm 
car to  entrance. . If it happened to be raining,,,there's shelter .

Gardens  and pretty benches line the path. 

The entrance lobby is lovely and welcoming. Washrooms are better than adequate. 

The Seniors love their place. It's  as spic and span as it was the day it  was opened. 

Tables , chairs , dishes and cutlery  were  all carefully chosen. .

The kitchen is magnificent. 

It has already been used for wedding reception. 

The wedding chapel would be the icing on the carrot cake. 

We  have no such  amenity in Aurora,

But we do. Right under our noses. As if some  invisible hand was guiding us all along. 

Maybe  even a horse-drawn carriage on the trail system.

Come on guys.... let's get with the program.

On a Saturday, neighbours could meander on down and be part of a beautiful happy celebration .

It would belong to all of us.

 Part of Aurora's  exceptional quality of living. 

And it would earn revenue instead of draining  resources. 


Anonymous said...

Rogers has the Debate listed on their Programming on my computer - so far no indication on the TV

Anonymous said...

Someone is trying to nit-pick your ideas because he/she has nothing better to offer to off-set them.

Anonymous said...

Not talking about building codes but for practical purposes, washrooms would be needed. Especially for people attending a wedding who may be nervous or excited.

Anonymous said...

The Doctor's House in Kleinburg doesn't have a washroom.

Anonymous said...

Globe chooses Hudak; Star selects Wynne

Anonymous said...

A wedding is a very emotional and exciting event.

Most likely there will be a need on someone's part to "do" something even within the short space of time of the ceremony, or some elderly people present.

Even a porta-pottie or two could help avoid a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Check out the location for yourself. It works when you have the picture in your mind.

Anonymous said...

18:32, what if the Petch House Wedding Chapel is used, but the reception is booked at a venue other than the Seniors' Centre? Would the 'facilities' be made available to those next door?

Anonymous said...

We would have to ask Scott's Easter Bunny to re-locate all those Easter eggs she got stuck with in the spring. Maybe she could put them in the armoury ?

Anonymous said...

I notice that you have nothing positive to say. ...no suggestions as to how the concept might work. Only " What ifs " that are negative.
Please just give the thing a fighting chance. It shouldn't cost you much given some of the weirder ideas that have been floated & crashed.

Anonymous said...

Petch House is user-friendly. Unlike Hillary where one has to navigate steep steps & where they " might " be accessible sometime.

Anonymous said...

15:02- I'd use the Star at the bottom of my kiddie litter box if it were free.

Anonymous said...


Are you sure... I am pretty sure that I releived myself in their washroom.