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Thursday 6 March 2014

Take a Gander at this

The Aurora Historical Society is hiring for the position of Communications and Fundraising Coordinator

Please find attached the job description, responsibilities and eligibility requirements. 

Please forward to individuals who you think would be interested in applying! 

Applications are due on March 11, 2014

If you have any questions, please contact the AHS office at ahs@aurorahs.com or 905-727-8991

pSomething Fishy in Aurora has left a new comment on your post "Take a Gander at this":

From: http://www.rcip-chin.gc.ca/emplois-jobs/voir-view/detailler-detail-eng.app?id=1667

Communications and Fundraising Coordinator
Hillary House National Historic Site / Aurora Historical Society
Aurora, Ontario
Closing Date of the posting:
Date Submitted of the posting:
Web link to Institution: http://www.aurorahistoricalsociety.ca
Salary: $17/ hour
Job description:Position: Communications and Fundraising Coordinator

Position Summary:
Reporting to the Manager/ Curator, the Communications and Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for overseeing all communications and marketing initiatives of the Aurora Historical Society. In addition, the Communications and Fundraising Coordinator is the lead staff support towards AHS’ fundraising activities.


Communications/ Marketing
• Oversees all communication, marketing, membership and volunteer initiatives
• Creates content and updates AHS’ website, social media platforms and external online event listings
• Liaises with local, regional, provincial and national press (e.g. writes press releases, organizes media previews, etc)
• Creates flyers, brochures and other promotional material with support of volunteers and is responsible for their distribution
• Facilitates the distribution of all promotional material to local facilities, and regional partners.
• Initiates and explores new community and outreach partnerships
• Delivers presentations to community groups, stakeholders and members
• Assists with the research, development and execution of innovative and conventional fundraising strategies.
• Supports the cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of current and prospective donors.
• Ensures all fundraising activities are in compliance with funding sources, common practices, organization guidelines and government requirements including tax/license requirements.
• Provides administrative support to Fundraising Committee Chair (e.g. completing mail merges/ coordinates direct mail campaigns, writes documents and letters, manages spreadsheets and budgets, etc)
• Supports the execution of special fundraising events (e.g. Hillary House Ball)
• Actively promotes the mission, vision and philosophy of the Aurora Historical Society.
• Performs other duties as assigned

• University or College graduate with a focus on communications/marketing, fundraising and/ or arts and heritage management with proven development, communications and/ or membership experience.
• Advanced interpersonal, communication and writing skills, including public speaking.
• Demonstrated experience with fundraising including special events coordination, solicitations and proposal writing.
• Demonstrated experience in communications/ marketing activities (e.g. brochure development, press releases/ media liaison)
• Experience with database systems (eg. Basic Funder/ FileMaker Pro)
• Experience with software such as Word, Outlook, Excel, Publisher, Photoshop/ Image editing software
• Experience maintain web content management systems (e.g. Joomla)
• Experience with social media platforms (e.g. Facebook)
• A multi-tasking hard worker who is detail oriented and organized.
• A motivated self starter who is committed to service, excellence and heritage.
• A flexible, people-oriented person who works well independently and as a team player, and who would thrive and complement a small team of staff and volunteers.
• Strong attention to detail and an ability to manage several projects at one time, set priorities and meet deadlines
• Access to a vehicle is required.

This is a permanent part-time position (21 hours/wk) at $17/hour.

Please submit a detailed application (cover letter and resume) outlining current experience, background and education. Please send applications to Catherine Richards, Manager/ Curator at curator@aurorahs.com by March 11, 2014.

For further information about the Aurora Historical Society, visitwww.aurorahistoricalsociety.ca
Posted by Something Fishy in Aurora to Our Town and Its Business at 6 March 2014 12:03


Now they have the money from the town ,the  erstwhile Aurora Historical Society is hiring .

I tried to copy the  list of responsibilities and function of the job but  was not successful.

The job pays $17.00 an hour  for  twenty-one hours a week.

The position  answers to the Manager/Curator  and is staff leader .

There are two pages of functions.

Each one one might expect to be carried out by individual members of an exectutive board.

It's an odd situation.

A board headed by the two genii who came up with the fantasy heritage park theme, who have  apparently selected  fellow executives of a phantom organization   being  provided with funds by the elected representatives of the town to hire  a person to do everything they should be doing.

Chris, I will forward the communication to you . With your expertise you will no doubt have more success than I at re-producing it.


Anonymous said...

Good that you sent it to Christopher. He could do that job with one hand but likely wouldn't touch the thing. The pay is better than that of a site manager/book-keeper on a large new home location.

Anonymous said...

I though the town gave them the $ because they had to do repairs to the Hillary roof & the rotting window frames. Nothing was said about needing PR
Evelyn, if you call that # for the AHS, who answers ?

Anonymous said...

Chris would never get that job. One of their friends will. They probably already have a person lined up.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't leave much time for applications.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that job position has little to do with Hillary House and a great deal to do with preparing the presentation on the Heritage proposal when the deferral period ends.

Anonymous said...

I dunno about this job. Time's are rough & that's good money. But would you want to work for people who talk about missions and visions after you googled the history of Hillary ?

Anonymous said...

Mr Watts does not need that job. I don't even think he would suggest anyone take it. But it becomes clearer every day that Aurora needs Mr Watts, either as is with his blog or on council or both.

Anonymous said...

A suggestion based on what, 17:02?

Anonymous said...

" by the picking of my thumbs "
Have you read Christopher today ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Evelyn:

This is being written to you as a member of Aurora Council.

Please have a look at the post by Christopher Watts dated today and headed HILLARITY HOUSE.

If even a small portion of what is written is true, and I believe it all to be, then the Town of Aurora had better get off its head in a hole in the ground and shut this building down until it has undergone all the necessary repairs and safety improvements that are demanded as a result of its use, which is in flagrant violation of its zoning.

I am not sure in whose name the title is registered. This can be quickly discovered.

It is my recommendation to Aurora Council that the town expropriate the property for starters. Following that, inspections by the various levels of the provincial and federal government mentioned by Mr. Watts. Following those, together with reports, it should be possible to quantify the costs of reinstating the building to the condition required by by-laws and other heritage definitions.

The building's future use should be a part of the aforementioned governmental inspections and reports.

In the meantime the Aurora Historical Society should be placed in a "holding status" with no further town funding.

This matter is important and it is urgent. Your attention in raising it with your fellow Council members and senior Staff should be immediate.

Anonymous said...

21:35, don't be a Chicken Little - the sky isn't falling.

You can't accept everything at face value, as there are often agendas at work.

Anonymous said...

You are probably correct. They seem determined to destroy themselves without any assistance. When the Auroran cartoonist gets it right, any proposal is doomed. They can survive anger perhaps but not ridicule. The Heritage Heist has become a bad joke.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 11:16, I was referencing the source of 21:35's reactionary panic attack.

Anonymous said...

Please do stop being so pretentious.

Anonymous said...

Pretentious? Moi?

Anonymous said...

Some days I hope that Hillary House will get struck by a lightning bolt.

End of story and AHS.

Anonymous said...

I've seen some pretty stupid comments on here, but 21:43's is supremely stupid, malicious, and disturbing.

Knowing that not all comments see the light of day, it's unfathomable to me that that one did.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I was thinking.
Comments like that diminish this blog.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a Phoenix will arise in glowing splendour
from the ashes and will lead a united community toward a new vision, shining in the sun.