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Friday 20 June 2014

More Stuff You Need To Know

If  I don't publish a comment it doesn't mean I don't want you to send it to me.  I do want to hear what you think even if I can't share it for a variety of reasons.

It  doesn't apply to  those who  complain about what they read here. They should either write their own blog or read one that echoes their thoughts. There  must  be some out there.

And if someone pays me a compliment I give myself permission to invade my own privacy and publish it.

Also if someone wants to promote Michael Thompson,tell him to write his own blog and share his innermost thoughts with the world. Encourage him in his chosen path on his own turf.

I'm a politician not a philanthropist.

This morning we share what we know about curling clubs.

There are or were three in the Region.....Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Newmarket.

A comment noted a drill hall in Newmarket is well used.

I called Newmarket  and inquired about  a drill hall. I was  asked for more information. I gave some particulars about the Armouries in Aurora. The information  that came back was about the curling club in a building with something in the name that indicated it might at one time  have been a drill hall.

Aha I thought...so that's what's in the wind. Curling had already been whispered in my ear. Sort of subliminal advertising.

Who would know about a curling club  in Newmarket once being a drill hall except a member of the curling club. And who would likely comment but an Aurora member of the curling club. I know two.

Two things come  to mind. A hospital board member ,when I was on the Board ,was in charge of the curling club.  He talked about expense and responsibilities.  I learned something.

County Council used to have  regular social gatherings in each other's communities. That's how I know about Richmond Hill and Thornhill.We knew a lot about each other's  affairs at that time.

Curling Clubs have memberships. Members share ownership and  all costs and responsibilities.

It's  an expensive  past- time. Not within the means of the average Joe or Annie.

Now then ...I don't believe deals  between two levels of government should be behind closed doors.

I am bound because the solicitor says so.

Howsomever,.... I can talk about whatever is already in the public domain. Whatever you could find out yourself if you knew your way about.

Title to the  Aurora Armouries is a public document.

When  a corner of  Mosely park was transferred to  Queen Victoria, a clause in the document stipulated if the facility was no longer needed by the militia, the property would revert to the town.  That clause was scratched out.

Obviously the Town intended  to protect their  interest.  The other side did not agree.

It was a time when the British Parliament had jurisdiction. Not sure if that had to do with anything, Just trying to understand why Aurora , knowing  their own  interest would  submit to an unreasonable demand.

Maybe there was a War Measures Act.

There is however another clause in the agreement. Haven't seen it yet. The drill shed cannot be used for anything but  the militia. That's agreed to.

It is also a fact ,the property only accommodates the shed.

 It sits inside the property lines. It means there is no space for parking, a driveway, sideyard, landscaping or any of the normal requirements of zoning for a different use.

The structure is designated heritage. Apparently the Feds asked for that.

So it can only be used  by the militia.

There is no property to speak of beyond the building. It cannot be re-zoned. It can't be demolished because it's designated.

Therefore, it's of no use to anybody except the Town of Aurora.

It should be returned to the municipality at the price paid.

I have a hard  time understanding reluctance to go toe-to-toe with  politicians  who use government planes to fly themselves on fishing trip vacations at a cost far more than the value or investment they never  made in land for that old shed.

We  all  serve the same taxpayer.

We have an M.P. in Richmond Hill and our own M.P. who take such an interest in the Farmers Market they write letters in support in the face of nothing but a review of a bylaw.

Modern  municipal panty-waist politicians certainly are a bunch of wimps. Or lazy.  Or spineless. Or scaredy-cats  Or sly sniveling wretches. Or just silly snobs.

I think the hydro fund is burning a hole in their pockets.

When we talk about the cash in lieu of parks , my mind goes to the last Canadian Tire extension of business.

They  grew their facility and business by fifty-per-cent. They added jobs.  In the retail trade,Canadian Tire are  fair  employers

In return for their enterprise we took a chunk of money for Cash -in-lieu of parks.

D'you know that just doesn't make a damned bit of sense to me.

But if anything makes less sense. it would be to use  the  fund to provide a facility for a sport  essentially for the rich and famous.

Most certainly not Canadian Tire employees.


Anonymous said...

Possibly the town should contact Peter MacKay, the Justice Minister, to look into the matter.

On the other hand, maybe not.

He seems to screw up everything he touches, in several senior ministries, from jets to judges.

Anonymous said...

I suspect this may go the way of the Fab Lab, the University hub, the s-e designation, The Heritage Park, the development of the land around the old Library etc...
etc....There is not enough time left in the term.

Anonymous said...

More ice maintenance all year round. Even at original Granite Club, the ice could be used for other purposes.

Anonymous said...

It is too late to commit a large chunk of money for anything. I do find this drive to accumulate more property & responsibility to be weird. The Town has not done anything with what they already possess. Real estate dealings have been rife with problems.

Anonymous said...

Ah, what happened with that tennis bubble that could be done this term with no cost to the town ?

Anonymous said...

Here’s a novel idea….Leave it to the Feds. Let them maintain it or do whatever they want with it. Again…Here we are looking at taking on another asset when we have a hard enough time maintaining what we have without taxing us to oblivion.

Anonymous said...

16:31-Ha! No cost to the Town? I'd like to see that one in writing... Oh and have a lawyer outside of the Toronto/GTA look at it.

Anonymous said...

Subject to correction :
I believe the bubble was to be erected on otherwise unusable land at no cost to the town. It was to provide indoor space for tennis players during winter months, something that is needed - although not badly- since Timberlane is closing. The Town was not to be responsible for the maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Someone from Scotland against curling?! Whatever next? Ban golf?